RSC for Landlords

Finding the right tenant, or mix of tenants, for your premises can mean the difference between a successful investment or a time-consuming drain on your resources.

We’re Thailand’s leading retail leasing agent and mall consultancy firm based in Bangkok. Here’s a sample of how we can help you:

  • We’ll find reliable, motivated tenants, and ensure their business is right for your location.
  • Project retail leasing agent, planning and advice – take a look at some of our showcased projects where you’ll get an idea of the scale, big and small, of the projects we undertake.
  • Asset recovery and tenant management– we’ll be there for you to advise and assist if circumstances change.

RSC for Tenants

The RIGHT premises in the RIGHT location will showcase your business and provide you with the opportunity to maximize your business returns.

Over the years we’ve helped tenants in retail secure great premises with landlords who want their tenants to succeed.

RSC retail strategy and advisory services are a big part of what we do. We’ll tell you whether those premises are right for your business, either saving you from a costly mistake or contributing to your continued success.